What Is a PowerBoost?

First off, let me tell you what a PowerBoost or a PowerBoost LITE is NOT

We are NOT a “link buying” type service. We do not sell links – we offer RESULTS.

There are plenty of services, forums, and others online that will happy to sell you 10,000 links for a really low price.

We are NOT one of those services – not even close.

We ARE a service you hire to do a complete off-site ranking project for you.

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In other words, we are a “hands off” service. We do everything YOU would do to help your sites gain better rankings in Google and better exposure online.

Normally, if you were going to hire outside services to help improve your rank and exposure in Google, you would hire one service to do one thing – then, go hire another service to do another thing, and so on and so on.

None of these services would work together – they would each just give you what you paid for and call it a day. The odds that ANY of these service carefully monitor your rankings is HIGHLY unlikely.

We do all of it. We treat your site or web page as if it was our own. We do for your site just as we do for our own and for our own clients.

In short, you give us a keyword and a url – and we take it from there.

We apply a carefully and regularly tested “recipe” that is highly diverse and covers many things that Google likes to help it rank better. Our moves are calculated for each client since each client (each keyword) is a different marketing with different needs, requirements, and competition.

We do all the work so YOU don’t have to. This frees you up to do other work on your business, get more clients, or simply just take some time OFF. More free time would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Isn’t Part of Ranking Better in Google About Getting More Links?

Yes, links pointing TO your website or web page is an important part of ranking better in Google. But – it’s not ALL about links.

More links does NOT mean better rankings.

It IS about getting the right TYPE of links, with a careful balance of the factors that Google has shown to be important, AND about the page the links point TO.

We do ALL kinds of things to help get your site or your web page get more exposure online. Our main goal is to consistently do all we can to get you to rank higher in Google so you can get free traffic from that enormous source.

I’ve read that Google accounts for 131 BILLION searches each month. 100% of those searches WILL look at the number 1 organic listing on a search result page (only about 50% will look at the first PAID ad on a search result page). Consumers click on the top #1 organic result at least 85% of the time. (source: this book)

It is a foolish business move to overlook or discount the free traffic Google can send you. Your goal should be to get to the first page of Google. We are here to help you do that.

What Is The Difference Between a PowerBoost and a PowerBoost LITE?

Both offer the same first month service and techniques. The only real difference is that a standard PowerBoost will continue work for each month as long as you keep the project active.

A PowerBoost LITE is a one-month service only.

Why Offer Both?

Very simple. Some clients have low-competition ranking needs (very niche keywords, local businesses, etc). These sites probably do not need a full month-to-month rank building campaign and they find that the work set up to drip out from a PowerBoost LITE will be plenty to get them to rank where they want to.

Other clients like the PowerBoost LITE because they like us to get their site/ web page ranking well and get it off on the right foot – and then they take it from there.

Both services have a very similar process for the first month. The only real difference is whether the Rankings Team at SEO by Jennifer will continue to work on your ranking in the months following or not.

The PowerBoost Application is Here.

The PowerBoost LITE Application is Here.

Questions? Read our FAQ area to see answers to the most common questions.

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