What Happens After I Submit My Application?

What happens after your PowerBoost or PowerBoost LITE application has been submitted?

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You will instantly recieve an email from SEObyJennifer.com letting you know that we received your Application. The email will also include the details of your order and your project #.

PayPal will also email you a receipt for your payment.

Your application will then be in my email inbox.

I personally review all applications in the order they were received. I check the url you are submitting for meeting my guidelines (no adult websites, no gambling, no hate, no scams, etc) and also to make sure the url you submitted is correct (no typos, working page, etc).

I will then take a look at your competition for your desired keyword phrase and see if I feel like we can help you rank better.

While we do not do ON-Page optimization (we don’t change anything ON your site or web page), if I see anything you can do that might help everything work better together, I might email you to let you know what I’ve found. If I see an obvious structural error (ie, site blocking search engines, etc), I will email you and let you know.

If your site and url are ok and I feel we can help you, a member of the SEObyJennifer Rankings Team will contact you to tell you that your application was approved and that we are starting work on your project.

All applications are reviewed and work is done in the order applications are received. There is no way to jump ahead of the line.

We also reserve the right to close the offer for new applications if I feel we are slowing down in project work. This is a temporary close down and the application pages will open back up as soon as I feel we are back up to speed.

We are not a “factory line” ranking building service. We like the personal touch and providing very high quality work and results.

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