How Long Until I Rank Well?

How Long Until I Rank #1 For My Keyword?

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This is a very popular question. So common, in fact, that the question gets its own page totally dedicated to giving a complete answer (read the rest of our FAQs here).

As most SEO Professionals know, there is no “one size fits all” answer for how long it will take to either rank better or achieve that wonderful #1 ranking in Google.

Why Can’t You Give Me An Exact Time Frame?

Every time you type a phrase into Google and click search, those results are totally unique market place with their own competition levels.

No 2 are the same.

No 2 can be “conquered” in the same amount of time.

Each query space (the results returned for a search phrase) has two types of competition and both need a trained eye to evaluate.

Types of Competition

1. Static Competition –

Static Competition is how we define the search results as they are presented if NOTHING else happens to change them. In short, if all your competitors do NOTHING else to improve their rank, what will it take to beat them?

Reality is, the tougher the query space, the more dynamic it is – meaning more competition and an added level of competition.

2. Dynamic Competition

If you are working in a highly active space that is commercial in nature, the reality is that your competition is working to improve their rankings too.

This means that not only will you need to beat out the current “static” competition levels to rank better than they do, you also have to outdo what they are currently doing – or about to do.

This is a big reason why it is so difficult for one person with limited experience and resources to compete in Google. It takes TIME…it takes patience..and it takes consistent and calculated actions to improve rank by someone who is qualified to evaluate the results – and move forward.

While my staff and I are highly trained to evaluate Static Competition and get an idea of what if will take to improve the ranking of YOUR web page, we can not (nor can ANYONE else) determine what your competition is about to do – or will do while we are working for your site.

That is why I will RUN from any ranking building service that guarantees they will get you to #1 in x amount of days. No one knows what OTHERS will or won’t do. No one knows what Google DEFINITELY will or won’t do, either.

Google is dynamic and so are your competitors.

Many beginner guides to ranking in Google teach you to find out the NUMBER of pages in a query space to gauge competition. They will tell you to find a keyword, put it into quotes, and search Google. Then, take a look at how many web pages Google returns.

While this can be somewhat of an indicator, it is NOT what determines true competition.

Many times, you can use your trained and experience eye to get an idea of what’s going on in a query space, but you don’t really know ANYTHING until you are in it yourself and learning from your actions and results.

That’s what we do. We are YOUR trained and experienced eye….

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