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1. How Do I Cancel My Monthly Payments to SEObyJennifer.com?


Canceling your monthly payments for your PowerBoost from SEObyJennifer.com is very, very easy to do. You can cancel at any time you wish – there is no contract length that requires you to pay for a set amount of time.

How to cancel:

Log in to your PayPal account.
Click Profile near the top of the page.
Click My money.
Click Update in the My preapproved payments section.
Click Cancel or Cancel automatic billing and follow the instructions.

If you have multiple PowerBoost subscriptions going, be SURE to match up your transaction id with the correct keyword/url you wish to cancel.

REMEMBER: Once you cancel your subscription it can NOT be re-instated at your current monthly rate. Also remember that once you cancel, the PowerBoost team here at SEObyJennifer.com will stop work on your project effective the day your NEXT payment would have been due.

Any work done for your PowerBoost Project prior to your cancellation is permanent – meaning what we have already done stays, you do not LOSE what we have already done for you.

2. When should I cancel my monthly PowerBoost subscription?


This is totally up to you! Reasons to cancel might include:

— you reached your desired rank & feel confident that you can maintain it on your own.
— you started a PowerBoost for a client and that client has discontinued your services
— you started a PowerBoost for a client and you have reached your goal ranking for them
— you simply no longer desire to have the PowerBoost team work on your ranking

That’s just some reasons PowerBoost clients might choose when to cancel their monthly payments. As said before, this is totally up to you. A PowerBoost is a month-to-month agreement after the first months work is paid. You are in complete control and if you choose to leave, there are NO hard feelings at all (of course, we’ll be sad to see you go, but hope you’ll choose SEObyJennifer.com for your future ranking needs).

3. Will I get weekly/monthly reports or anything like that for my PowerBoost project?


In order to keep our rates low, we do not send out monthly or weekly ranking reports – nor do we send out reports of where your links and site mentions are found on the internet.

Our team DOES keep track of your rankings over the time of your active PowerBoost project. We do this to help serve you better and get the best rankings we possibly can for you. We do not work “blindly” to help improve your rankings. Each step of our “secret sauce” is calculated and carefully executed to get the results WE would want (and get) for our own websites.

When you first submit and pay for your PowerBoost Application, we will send an automatic email letting you know we received your application. In 1-2 business days a team member will contact you to let you know a) if your application has been approved and b) that we have begun working on your PowerBoost.

In short, we would rather spend our time WORKING on your rankings…not creating pretty little reports and emailing them out.

4. Why can’t I get a refund for my PowerBoost once your team has begun work on my project?


This is a fairly simple answer – we don’t offer refunds on work that has already begun because we can’t “un-do” the work we have done. You can cancel FUTURE payments on an active PowerBoost project, but you cannot get a refund on work that has already been done. (to learn how to cancel future payments, see Question #1 above)

5. Why won’t you reveal the EXACT steps taken for a PowerBoost?


We don’t reveal the exact steps for our PowerBoost “secret sauce” for the same reasons Kentucky Fried Chicken and Coca-Cola do not reveal their secret recipes. A PowerBoost is our own proprietary system for improving rankings with each step carefully measured and performed based on the unique needs of each PowerBoost client.

Our “Secret Sauce” has been tested extensively (both Pre-Panda and Post-Panda update from Google) to be as sure as possible of its effectiveness for all kinds of keywords.

6. Why don’t you guarantee top-rankings/#1 rankings/Page1 rankings, etc?


Show me an Organic Ranking Specialist that guarantees a certain natural ranking in Google, and I will run as fast as I can the other way AWAY from their services.

One thing is a constant with Google and other search engines – you can NOT ever guarantee what will happen. We also cannot guarantee that your competition won’t jump into the race or that YOU will do something that will hurt our efforts to help your current rankings.

What we DO guarantee tho, is that we will treat you site and PowerBoost project as if it were for our OWN site. We do nothing to your site that we have not done to our own sites hundreds and hundreds of times.

7. What kinds of sites do NOT get approved for a PowerBoost?


We will not accept sites that deal with adult-content, have racist or “hate” related content, promote gaming/gambling, or any other type content that we decide we do not want to be associated with.

Whether your site is “pretty” or “pretty ugly” will NOT effect your application – refusals are based purely on the content of a site, not the design or “eye-appeal”.

If your PowerBoost Application is denied, you will receive a refund of fees paid ASAP.

8. Why is the first application payment for a PowerBoost more expensive than the monthly rate?


The first few weeks of a PowerBoost project are the most intensive from a work load perspective. Since each keyword is different and has its own “market”, there are multiple things we analyze and plan out before we start work for you.

Based on that and the additional work load and “brain juice” required to design a course of action that is right for YOU, the initial PowerBoost application fee is set the way it is. We do not believe in “one size fits all” organic ranking improvement actions – every client has different needs to get to where they want to rank. We carefully orchestrate that plan for you – with no further effort on your part.

9. The rate for a PowerBoost seems awfully expensive, don’t you think?


Actually, no, we don’t believe it is expensive – in fact, we have priced our PowerBoost services at the lowest rate possible making it a great “middle-man” (woman?) service for SEO Service Providers. We wanted to offer the type of service WE wish we had access to — meaning we could negotiate with our clients, submit their keyword(s) and url(s) for a PowerBoost project, and let someone else do ALL the work for us while feeling confident that the very best is being done for us – and for our clients.

We agree that a PowerBoost may not be right for everyone – and we are not here to be right for “everyone”. You know what they say, right? “By trying to please EVERYONE, you end up pleasing NO ONE.”

We are here to please the clients that know the benefits of improved ranking in Google and other search engines (more traffic, more conversions, more earnings, a happy client, etc) – and want to achieve the best ranking possible in a totally “hands off” way.

In other words, we do the work, YOU reap the rewards =)

10. Is there a somewhat similar service you recommend as an alternative to your PowerBoost service?


Yes! There is another service we are very impressed with. This service is a “performance based” solution for improved rankings – meaning, you don’t pay a dime until they improve your rank.

This service does have a 3-month contract requirement, tho – meaning you will have to keep your keyword(s) and url(s) in the system and allow them to work on your rankings for at least 3 months. After those 3 months are up you can choose to continue with their service or cancel.

Otherwise, the service is very simple to use. Just go here to this web page, enter your website url and then enter your desired keyword when asked. After you submit that, you will be shown how much it will cost to get that url to rank for that keyword. (rates are determined by competition and by WHERE you rank – ie, Page 1, Page 2, etc).

Signing up for the service is FREE and you don’t pay anything for 30 days and only if they get your rankings to improve at LEAST 2 positions from your initial ranking (and that ranking is on at least Page 3 of a Google search result for your keyword).

You will probably find their rates to be very competitive with ours.

Check out the alternative service here.

11. My Question wasn’t answer here in your FAQ – How can I get my question answered?


Feel free to use our contact form to reach one of our team members, we will get back to you ASAP.

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