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Check Your Current Ranking In Google

The tool below makes it really easy to see your current ranking in (or many other international Google engines).

It can be tough getting an accurate reading for your current Google ranking when you simply type your keyword into Google and look.


Because Google does a lot of things that can make your results different.

One of those things is ip tracking based on your location. If you live in Atlanta and search for ‘dentists’, it’s possible Google will only return results to you from your area.

Google also keeps track of your preferences (whether you are logged into Google or not) and this can skew your results as well.

The tool below does not pass any of those signals when checking your ranking. It is a “clean” query and tends to be more reliable.

Is it perfect? Probably not – no ranking checker tool ever is. But after testing many, many free tools to offer to my visitors, this one seems to be the most accurate.

Please keep in mind that Google has thousands of data centers – so what YOU see when you search Google can be very different from what someone else sees when they search (even if they are only a mile away from you).

Google is a highly dynamic beast so please remember that tools like these – as well as your own manual Google checks – are not ‘cast in stone’.

How To Use This Tool

Simply enter your keyword phrase into the box where is says “Keyword(s)”, then, enter the url you are checking into the URL: box. When you click “search”, the tool will scan through the first 10 pages of Google results for that phrase. If it finds your url, it will stop and highlight your url in yellow.

If you url is NOT found in the first 10 pages, the tool will let you know..and YOU will know it’s time to improve your Google rankings!

If you want to search on an international Google engine (uk, de, etc), just click “Show Advanced Options” and choose your engine.

All there is to it!

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