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All the talk in the world doesn’t make up for real proof of something working to actually improve the rank of your web page in Google. I’ve had a lot of success for my own sites and client sites when using my methods to improve rankings in Google. I study Google, follow patents, trends, algorithm changes, and so much more. In a way, I’m a bit of a geek because I love watching Google and how it ticks.

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Improving rankings in Google is not only a science full of best-practices, but it’s also an art form and requires some creative “right brained” thinking and actions.

Every time someone types a word, or group of words, into the Google search bar, a new market is revealed when they get their first page results. No two markets are the same – even if the phrases (keywords) are similar or on the same topic. Sometimes, simply reversing a phrase is enough to completely change the keyword market of those results.

When the phrase changes, the market changes – meaning the competition is different and what is needed to rank better in Google changes.

SEO is definitely NOT a “one size fits all” type process.

I apply all the best search engine optimization strategies as well as bring my creative right-brain into the process for every single client in order to give them the best results possible from their package.

Let’s take a look at some recent case studies for rankings work I have done for clients and my own sites.

Google Ranking Case Studies

Example A

Client A came to me on June 3, 2011. He had a local business website that he simply could not get to move from the 2nd page of Google results. He was trying to rank his site on the first page of (Canada).

I took a look at the site, made some suggestions for improved on-page optimization, and then went to work just as soon as those changes were made.

Here are the results just 8 days later –

seo case study A

Example B

Client B came to me on June 1, 2011 with a very profitable website that was stuck at #10 at the bottom of Page 1 results on Google for an important keyword phrase.

With a simple “Power Boost” from, his site is already ranking #3 for that targeted phrase.

seo case study B

Example C

This client came to me with a review-style website that just would not seem to budge from the bottom of Page 2 in Google for a certain important keyword phrase. I began work on this site, as is common when new efforts are started, the site took a little plunge in rankings for this phrase for a day….and then shot right to #1 !

Needless to say, this client is very happy. Going from #20 to #1 made a BIG difference in earnings from that review site.

seo case study C

Example D

This client came to me with a seasonal website that had taken a nose-dive to position #472 in Google for their target keyword phrase. A ranking like that makes a site virtually useless which made the client very upset.

With a Power Boost from and some time, the site now ranks #4 for that same target phrase.

MAJOR improvement in a short time.

seo case study D

These are just 4 case study examples of many I keep record of. All of the above case study clients used the “Power Boost” option from

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