Free Keyword Research Tool

Yes! You can do your keyword research at too!

Just enter your root keyword and get a nifty report.

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Check Your Ranking

Check Your Current Ranking In Google

The tool below makes it really easy to see your current ranking in (or many other international Google engines).

It can be tough getting an accurate reading for your current Google ranking when you simply type your keyword into Google and look.


Because Google does a lot of things that can make your results different.

One of those things is ip tracking based on your location. If you live in Atlanta and search for ‘dentists’, it’s possible Google will only return results to you from your area.

Google also keeps track of your preferences (whether you are logged into Google or not) and this can skew your results as well.

The tool below does not pass any of those signals when checking your ranking. It is a “clean” query and tends to be more reliable.

Is it perfect? Probably not – no ranking checker tool ever is. But after testing many, many free tools to offer to my visitors, this one seems to be the most accurate.

Please keep in mind that Google has thousands of data centers – so what YOU see when you search Google can be very different from what someone else sees when they search (even if they are only a mile away from you).

Google is a highly dynamic beast so please remember that tools like these – as well as your own manual Google checks – are not ‘cast in stone’.

How To Use This Tool

Simply enter your keyword phrase into the box where is says “Keyword(s)”, then, enter the url you are checking into the URL: box. When you click “search”, the tool will scan through the first 10 pages of Google results for that phrase. If it finds your url, it will stop and highlight your url in yellow.

If you url is NOT found in the first 10 pages, the tool will let you know..and YOU will know it’s time to improve your Google rankings!

If you want to search on an international Google engine (uk, de, etc), just click “Show Advanced Options” and choose your engine.

All there is to it!

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For SEO Professionals

Do you own a SEO Company? Do you have clients that you work for to help THEM rank better in Google?

SEO by Jennifer is here to help you work less and make more!

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As a SEO Professional myself, I know there are only so many hours in a day that I can physically work for my clients. That leaves little time for getting NEW clients or for silly things, like time with my family (grin).

The PowerBoost and PowerBoost LITE services were created because *I* needed it.

I needed a one-stop, hands off service that would work to rank mine and my clients web pages higher in Google so I didn’t have to do THAT work and could instead, get more clients and spend more time AWAY from work.

Out of sheer frustration from not being able to find a service that truly offered what I can do for myself and my clients, I decided to open up the service that *I* want to use.

All YOU have to do is give my team and I a keyword and a url – and we take it from there.

Many people get new clients and charge them their own rate…and then simply hand the work off to me and my team. They pocket the difference as their profit. While this might mean they make a bit less per client as opposed to doing all that work on their own, in the long run they make MORE because they can take on more clients and spend less TIME working on them.

We do our very best to keep our pricing competitive so this is an option for you, too.

Want to learn more about out PowerBoost services? Read: What is a PowerBoost?

What to learn more about Jennifer? Learn all about Jennifer Ledbetter here.

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For Site Owners

Do you own a website? Are you a local business owner that wants to rank higher in Google, but doesn’t know how – or you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself?

SEO by Jennifer is here to help.

Why Rank Better In Google?

Let’s put it this way, according to statistics, 63% of all people searching for something online will use Google.

Considering Google performs over 131 BILLION searches a month, the amount of traffic you could get from Google is HUGE.

It is one way of getting new clients, customers, and business (ie, more SALES) that should never ever be overlooked.

Bottom line is this:

Your potential clients are looking online for what you offer.
They will either find YOU – or they WILL find your competition.

I have heard many other experts say that if the marketing plan for your business does NOT include getting traffic from Google, you don’t HAVE a marketing plan.

That’s how serious traffic from the internet is these days.

But I DO Rank #1 For My Business Name!

Ranking for your specific and unique business name is usually not enough – unless you are some HUGE brand that everybody and their brother already knows about.

You need to rank for what your business does and where it does it.

For example, let’s say your business name is “Jill’s Carpet Cleaning” and you already rank #1 for Jill’s carpet cleaning when searched for in Google.

That’s great! The people who already know about your business can find you….


What about all those potential clients that search Google for WHAT you do and WHERE you do it?

If you are in the Atlanta area (for example), do you rank for your what/where keywords?

Can someone searching Google search for carpet cleaning atlanta and find YOU? (here’s a hint, if you are aren’t at LEAST on Page 2 of those search results, people will not find you. Searchers rarely go past the first page of search results that Google gives them.)

I have been in the customer service industry for years and years. I am a BIG fan of customer retention. I know first hand that it is cheaper to KEEP a customer than it is to go get a new one.

But the reality is – you MUST have NEW customers.

At the end of the day, it’s your bottom line that decides if your doors stay open – or closed.

The Internet… GOOGLE… is where new customers are looking for your products and services.

Be where they are looking.

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The beauty of a PowerBoost or PowerBoost LITE from SEO by Jennifer is that once the work is paid for and performed, any traffic you get from your higher rankings in Google is FREE.

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How Long Until I Rank Well?

How Long Until I Rank #1 For My Keyword?

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This is a very popular question. So common, in fact, that the question gets its own page totally dedicated to giving a complete answer (read the rest of our FAQs here).

As most SEO Professionals know, there is no “one size fits all” answer for how long it will take to either rank better or achieve that wonderful #1 ranking in Google.

Why Can’t You Give Me An Exact Time Frame?

Every time you type a phrase into Google and click search, those results are totally unique market place with their own competition levels.

No 2 are the same.

No 2 can be “conquered” in the same amount of time.

Each query space (the results returned for a search phrase) has two types of competition and both need a trained eye to evaluate.

Types of Competition

1. Static Competition –

Static Competition is how we define the search results as they are presented if NOTHING else happens to change them. In short, if all your competitors do NOTHING else to improve their rank, what will it take to beat them?

Reality is, the tougher the query space, the more dynamic it is – meaning more competition and an added level of competition.

2. Dynamic Competition

If you are working in a highly active space that is commercial in nature, the reality is that your competition is working to improve their rankings too.

This means that not only will you need to beat out the current “static” competition levels to rank better than they do, you also have to outdo what they are currently doing – or about to do.

This is a big reason why it is so difficult for one person with limited experience and resources to compete in Google. It takes TIME…it takes patience..and it takes consistent and calculated actions to improve rank by someone who is qualified to evaluate the results – and move forward.

While my staff and I are highly trained to evaluate Static Competition and get an idea of what if will take to improve the ranking of YOUR web page, we can not (nor can ANYONE else) determine what your competition is about to do – or will do while we are working for your site.

That is why I will RUN from any ranking building service that guarantees they will get you to #1 in x amount of days. No one knows what OTHERS will or won’t do. No one knows what Google DEFINITELY will or won’t do, either.

Google is dynamic and so are your competitors.

Many beginner guides to ranking in Google teach you to find out the NUMBER of pages in a query space to gauge competition. They will tell you to find a keyword, put it into quotes, and search Google. Then, take a look at how many web pages Google returns.

While this can be somewhat of an indicator, it is NOT what determines true competition.

Many times, you can use your trained and experience eye to get an idea of what’s going on in a query space, but you don’t really know ANYTHING until you are in it yourself and learning from your actions and results.

That’s what we do. We are YOUR trained and experienced eye….

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What Happens After I Submit My Application?

What happens after your PowerBoost or PowerBoost LITE application has been submitted?

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You will instantly recieve an email from letting you know that we received your Application. The email will also include the details of your order and your project #.

PayPal will also email you a receipt for your payment.

Your application will then be in my email inbox.

I personally review all applications in the order they were received. I check the url you are submitting for meeting my guidelines (no adult websites, no gambling, no hate, no scams, etc) and also to make sure the url you submitted is correct (no typos, working page, etc).

I will then take a look at your competition for your desired keyword phrase and see if I feel like we can help you rank better.

While we do not do ON-Page optimization (we don’t change anything ON your site or web page), if I see anything you can do that might help everything work better together, I might email you to let you know what I’ve found. If I see an obvious structural error (ie, site blocking search engines, etc), I will email you and let you know.

If your site and url are ok and I feel we can help you, a member of the SEObyJennifer Rankings Team will contact you to tell you that your application was approved and that we are starting work on your project.

All applications are reviewed and work is done in the order applications are received. There is no way to jump ahead of the line.

We also reserve the right to close the offer for new applications if I feel we are slowing down in project work. This is a temporary close down and the application pages will open back up as soon as I feel we are back up to speed.

We are not a “factory line” ranking building service. We like the personal touch and providing very high quality work and results.

For more information, please read:

What is a PowerBoost?

Our FAQ area (contains answer to most commonly asked questions)

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Case Studies

Examples of Higher Rankings from

All the talk in the world doesn’t make up for real proof of something working to actually improve the rank of your web page in Google. I’ve had a lot of success for my own sites and client sites when using my methods to improve rankings in Google. I study Google, follow patents, trends, algorithm changes, and so much more. In a way, I’m a bit of a geek because I love watching Google and how it ticks.

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Improving rankings in Google is not only a science full of best-practices, but it’s also an art form and requires some creative “right brained” thinking and actions.

Every time someone types a word, or group of words, into the Google search bar, a new market is revealed when they get their first page results. No two markets are the same – even if the phrases (keywords) are similar or on the same topic. Sometimes, simply reversing a phrase is enough to completely change the keyword market of those results.

When the phrase changes, the market changes – meaning the competition is different and what is needed to rank better in Google changes.

SEO is definitely NOT a “one size fits all” type process.

I apply all the best search engine optimization strategies as well as bring my creative right-brain into the process for every single client in order to give them the best results possible from their package.

Let’s take a look at some recent case studies for rankings work I have done for clients and my own sites.

Google Ranking Case Studies

Example A

Client A came to me on June 3, 2011. He had a local business website that he simply could not get to move from the 2nd page of Google results. He was trying to rank his site on the first page of (Canada).

I took a look at the site, made some suggestions for improved on-page optimization, and then went to work just as soon as those changes were made.

Here are the results just 8 days later –

seo case study A

Example B

Client B came to me on June 1, 2011 with a very profitable website that was stuck at #10 at the bottom of Page 1 results on Google for an important keyword phrase.

With a simple “Power Boost” from, his site is already ranking #3 for that targeted phrase.

seo case study B

Example C

This client came to me with a review-style website that just would not seem to budge from the bottom of Page 2 in Google for a certain important keyword phrase. I began work on this site, as is common when new efforts are started, the site took a little plunge in rankings for this phrase for a day….and then shot right to #1 !

Needless to say, this client is very happy. Going from #20 to #1 made a BIG difference in earnings from that review site.

seo case study C

Example D

This client came to me with a seasonal website that had taken a nose-dive to position #472 in Google for their target keyword phrase. A ranking like that makes a site virtually useless which made the client very upset.

With a Power Boost from and some time, the site now ranks #4 for that same target phrase.

MAJOR improvement in a short time.

seo case study D

These are just 4 case study examples of many I keep record of. All of the above case study clients used the “Power Boost” option from

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