Who Is Jennifer?

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So – who IS this Jennifer person behind SEObyJennifer.com?

Glad you asked! Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Jennifer Ledbetter. I live in NE Georgia with my hubby, kids, and 2 really odd cats. Between us, we have 4 kids, one “kid-in-law”, 2 grandchildren, an “adopted” granddaughter – and yes, those two really strange cats.

This is me and my family – we are a large group, aren’t we? Only our oldest son is married and has 2 children – once the younger ones get on board, it won’t take long to make us a “perfect dozen”…lol!

jennifer ledbetter

Jennifer Ledbetter and Family

That large group right there is my “why”.

My husband and I work very hard to provide financially (hey, a big family is NOT cheap, is it?) and on the same token, we work hard and SMART so we can spend more time WITH our family and friends. We are very blessed and do our best to appreciate our blessings each day.

We found that the best way to achieve our goals and have time to enjoy our blessings was to be our own boss. We each have our own business. This allows us each to make more from our time and allows us flexibility to enjoy our life, our friends, our family..and yes, we even enjoy those crazy cats.

We are both avid golfers and really enjoy traveling. In 2010 we spent about 3 months total on various vacations, conferences, and quick get-aways.

My Background in Internet Marketing

It all started back in February 2007. I had lost my job back in the summer of 2005 (I was a managing golf Pro) and had been working part time for an entertainment company since then. However, that job required me to work at night and anyone with young kids and teenagers will know that is NOT an optimal situation.

We also were “ok” financially – but in reality, not so much. While we could pay our bills and stretch each dollar to work the best it could for us, we didn’t have savings or any “extra” money for fun things, let alone all those “extras” that 4 kids need.

That February, I turned 40 and something in me “clicked” – I was tired of living “paycheck to paycheck”… I was tired of not having control over my today AND my tomorrow. So, I set out to DO something about it.

Through a series of random events, I discovered Internet Marketing and I was instantly hooked. It was The Answer for me so I set out to learn all I possibly could in order to generate income from the internet.

I spent months and months of 12-14 hour days in front of the computer soaking up everything like a sponge. I detailed a lot of my travels in the earlier posts on my blog at PotPieGirl.com.

Problem for me was that I didn’t have MONEY to invest into the things I needed to really make good money online. I had to figure out a way to make good money using all FREE methods so I could then, take those earnings and reinvest them into my business.

In 2008, I figured out a plan of action for myself that used all free online marketing methods – and it was working GREAT. Once I told my blog readers about it, they asked me to please put my personal action plan into a guide and sell it to them.

I thought they were nuts, but I figured, “What the heck! I’ll try it, maybe sell a couple copies and learn a TON in the process”

So I did what they asked.

I DID learn a ton about being a vendor and having my own customers, but I didn’t sell a “couple” copies. My personal plan of action is called One Week Marketing – and it went NUTS! It quickly hit the Top Products list and has been a solid program ever since.

Since then, I have been off and running – and haven’t looked back since.

I have created a free tutorial site that teaches people how to build laser-targeted “niche sites” to make affiliate income (6StepNicheSites.com). I also have a free Squidoo Guide available for anyone who wants it (Squidoo is my favorite free-to-use site for making money online).

I also have a free e-course online that teaches the most new of internet marketers how to write articles and make money from them. That course is called TheDamWay.com (no, it’s not a bad word- D.A.M. stands for something).

In late 2010, I opened up an online training center with a partner, David Bocock. Power3Marketing.com has well over 3,000 members where we teach how to use their basic internet marketing skills to help local business owners do well online. This “offline marketing” concept is a GREAT online business model and some of our students are doing VERY well with it. (You can get a free Basic membership at Power3Marketing.com if you’d like to check out the site and see what we have going on).

Other Recognitions and Accomplishments

  • Throughout my time online, I have won, or placed VERY strongly, in many JV competitions.
  • I have qualified two years in a row now for the exclusive Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate conference held in Las Vegas each year (only girl so far to ever qualify).
  • I have been invited as a top earner of Clickbank to an exclusive MasterMind event that was held in Boise, Idaho (that was awesome!)
  • I also have three certificates on my office wall recognizing me as a member of Clickbank’s Apex/Premier Program for 3 years running (The Apex Program is only for top-performers).

  • That’s the short list 😉

    One accomplishment that I am most proud of is my rating and standing with the folks at IMreportCard.com. I have maintained an “A” rating in their community where they review THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of other marketers and services. You can view my ratings page here)

    I am also currently listed as the #16 person on their list of Top 25 Rated People in the Internet Marketing business. There are some really impressive names on that list – it is a HUGE honor to be included with them. (see the current Top 25 People List here)

    One thing I can assure you about me – my reputation and the quality of my services offered is WAY – WAYYYYYY more important to me than anyone’s money – even more important than MY money.

    Anyone can be here taking money TODAY…and then gone tomorrow. Heck, the internet is FULL of people like that. But not me – I fully intend to be here for the long haul.

    I love what I do!

    My Main Passion with Internet Marketing

    Out of all the things I do and have accomplished, my main love…my FIRST love… is Google. Yes, I am a Google Nerd.

    I have always been fascinated by how Google works and what happens when I try this or that.

    I read Google Patents, I test things like a maniac, I take training courses, I teach others…all of it. Ranking well in Google is like a strategy game for me – and I am addicted to the game.

    Google currently accounts for over 63% of all search engine traffic (source) – that is phenomenal! That means if 100 people go online to find something, over 63 will use Google.

    Let me put it this way… if 100 of YOUR potential customers go online to find your services, 63+ of them will go to Google to find you.

    If your site is not found on the first page of a Google search, you lose. Your competition wins.

    It’s as simple as that.

    And that is MY obsession – getting web pages to Page 1 of Google for their targeted search phrases.

    I have invested thousands and thousands of dollars testing other ranking improvement services and then continue to pay for the ones I feel are best.

    I have invested thousands and thousands of dollars into my OWN resource development and maintenance.

    This is what I do…I’m darn good at it… it’s what I love…and with or without the services I offer others here at SEObyJennifer.com, I will continue to do this for as long as it’s humanly possible for me.

    Thank you for stopping by and getting to know me!