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Do You Need To Rank Higher in Google?
SEObyJennifer.com offers a totally unique ranking service called a “PowerBoost”. This service was developed for one main reason – *I* needed it.

I work with clients daily putting great effort into getting their websites to rank as high in Google as I possibly can. I have developed and created multiple “ingredients” into my ranking recipe over the years – and I have tested them over and over and over again.

My “recipe” works…and works really well.
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Jennifer Ledbetter

Who Is Jennifer?
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One day I was working on yet another client when I thought, “Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if I could just give someone a keyword and a web address – and let THEM do all this work?”

I know there are endless sources online to buy links of all types, endless services that offer to mass-blast articles all over the internet for you, endless sources who will make thousands of profile links or link wheels for you, endless services that offer everything BUT the complete solution *I* needed.

To me, using only one or two of these types of services is like working “blindly” – it’s more like throwing thousands of random links at a web page and HOPING some of them stick AND help the site rank better.

I wanted a rank building service that had a tested plan of calculated actions for every unique ranking situation, tracked results, was consistent and was an on-going process.

I wanted a service that offered a balanced and well-rounded ranking improvement service with a team of people working on my sites that thought like *I* think and work like *I* work.

I wanted a service that improved my rankings in a HEALTHY manner – being careful and constantly mindful of creating a well-rounded and diverse link popularity profile as well as a powerful link reputation profile. It takes BOTH to create high rankings in Google.

I wanted a team that completely understood that every single keyword typed into Google is its own separate and unique marketplace with its own competition and own unique needs to improve ranking in that space.

Sadly, all these “one size fits all” services I checked out are a dime a dozen online and all promised great things – but not a one of them suit my needs or gave me the results I wanted and knew *I* could achieve if I just did all the work myself.

But I didn’t want to DO the work.

In short, I wanted a totally “hands off” service, that worked and thought like I do, and produced consistent results like I do.

My frustration grew and grew as I realized that service just didn’t exist.

Then, it hit me –

Why not offer the service that *I* want?

I have my own time-tested “secret recipe” with consistent proven results… Why not hand-pick a small team and teach each member a few parts of my “secret recipe” – allow them to use MY personal resources – and offer my dream ranking service to others who might be just as frustrated as I was?

So that is exactly what I did.

Now, *I* have my dream ranking service right at my fingertips AND I can offer YOU the same service I use myself.

That service is called a “PowerBoost“.

You simply give me a keyword and a website url….and I get to work making a plan for you and putting my team in action to get YOU the high rankings in Google that you need.

Great Google Rankings Don’t Get Any Easier Than This

All you have to do is fill out a short application then sit back and let my team do everything for you.

Imagine – no more endless article marketing, no more constant bookmarking, no more searching out “good” places to get blog comment links – no more of ANY of the WORK you have to do to get better rankings in Google.

We do it all.

No tricks, no “loopholes” or rank improvement “secrets of the week” – none of that. All we do is what works. Solid link-building done consistently FOR you.

How much more money could you make if you just ranked higher in Google?

According to a recent study by Optify.net – ranking number 1 on Google for your target term as opposed to ranking #2 is equivalent to TRIPLING the number of organic (free) visits you get to your site.

Three TIMES as much free traffic to your webpage just by moving from #2 to #1.

But that isn’t always so easy to do, is it?

It takes time, patience, and lots and lots of WORK.

But improving the ranking of your web page to at LEAST Page 1 for your search phrase is mandatory online these days – searchers rarely go past Page 1 of results.

Being on Page 1, but being at the bottom in position #10 means you only get about 2.2% of that free traffic. Compare that to ranking #1 and getting 36.4% of that free traffic – that can make a MAJOR difference in your results, leads, and earnings.

Here’s how the click-thru rate (CTR) compares for each position of Page 1 on Google (source: optify.net and searchenginewatch.com)

Other studies have shown as high as a 56.36% click thru rate (CTR) for the #1 ranking for a Google search! That is a TON of free and targeted traffic coming to your web page (source).

Are You a SEO Consultant?

Do you have clients that YOU work to make rank better in Google?

If so, let me ask you this –

How much more money could you make if you spent more time getting new SEO clients instead of spending all your time doing the WORK for a small handful of clients?

The key to making more money from your SEO-type business is to “Scale” – but to do this, you must find a way to reduce your actual work load so you can do what makes you profitable – getting clients and bringing more money in.

Now, imagine this – you get a new client, bring their url and target keyword over to me, fill out a PowerBoost application, and then let me and my team do all the WORK for you?

How much more free time would you have?

A lot, right? That’s EXACTLY why my PowerBoost service exists in the first place because that is what *I* wanted.

Curious As To How a PowerBoost Works?

Feel free to read our case studies page and see some real-life ranking improvements for yourself.

We also have a Frequently Asked Questions Page where you can find answers to the questions we are asked most often.

Need to contact us with a question not answered on the FAQ page? Feel free to use our contact form.

And, when you’re ready, submit a PowerBoost Application and let my team go to work for you. There is no contract obligation – you can stop any time you’d like. Use our service for as long as you’d like to (or for as long as your client is paying YOU).

No pressure – nothing fancy or complicated. Just the way *I* want it =)